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Please follow the instructions below to install the VamTam theme via the Admin Panel.

Step 1 - Download the theme's .zip file

First of all, please download your theme from your Themeforest account. Make sure you download the Installable WordPress file only. This is ready to install file.

Step 2 - Add the theme


Please log in to your administration panel. Go to the Appearance panel, then Themes. Click on the Add New button.

Please click on the Upload link.


Please click on the Choose file button.

Please choose the installable theme's name zip file you have downloaded in step 1.


Step 3 - Install the theme

Please click on the Install Now button.


Step 4 - Activate the theme

Please click on the Activate link.


Step 5 - Begin installing plugins

If you are not yet familiar with WordPress, importing the theme's dummy content is a must. You will see a message about required plugins, so just click on the Begin installing plugins link.


Step 6 - Install the required plugins

Please put a tick to mark for installation of all plugins. Next, choose from the drop-down menu  Install and click on the Apply button.

Step 7 - Import Demo Content


We recommend using the Demo Content Import Feature.

This is a great feature that helps novice WordPress users and veterans alike. This feature makes the necessary settings/configurations and installs demo content in the WordPress theme - categories, pages, posts, and widgets.

Your VamTam theme will look exactly like the one you see on our live preview. It doesn't matter if you know WordPress inside out or have seen it for the first time; it's always easier to modify posts, categories, pages, and widgets that are already there rather than creating them from scratch. Moreover, it is easier to understand how your new VamTam theme works.

Our Quick Import is a tremendous feature that will save you a lot of frustration and headache at a press of a button. Try it out. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Please go to the VamTam panel, then Quick import. Now Import Dummy Content, Widgets, and Slider Samples by clicking on the buttons. 

Step 8 - Regenerate the website CSS

Go to Vamtam > Styles and click the Save changes button to generate the CSS.